Social Inclusion for Deaf Developers

Our Quest

SignCoders is a socially inclusive software development company. Our main goal is to create tech jobs for the deaf and heard-of-hearing.

In order to achieve this, we formulated a three-point strategy: Create, Inspire and Educate.

  1. For starters, we created a small developer team to test and improve our concept.
  2. In order to inspire new talent, we aim to produce successful role models for the deaf community to follow.
  3. Also, we educate future team members via school partnerships and training on the job.

The Challenge

Why build a company for deaf developers? The motivation might not be trivial for many of us. Hearing people do not experience the challenges deaf people face on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is: it is hard to climb the career ladder with hearing impairment.

Communication was not as vital in the early days of software engineering. In contrast, today’s agile development methods require a lot of exchange within the team. The days are gone when a deaf programmer could just receive instructions by email. That is why deaf developers find it hard to compete with hearing peers.

Brick by brick, we aim to change this.

Social Inclusion

Sign language is the barrier-free way of communication for native speakers. That is why we have created a work environment, where deaf team members can use sign language.

Furthermore, social inclusion means for us that hearing and deaf colleagues work together. As a result, we improve the terms on which a segregated group takes part in society. A mixed team offers more opportunity and dignity of the disadvantaged.

Communication is key in any team. This is even more so in a mixed-language group. We encourage hearing team members to learn to sign.

We Build On Our Strengths

Sign language happens in 3-D. Naturally, native speakers are very good at processing visual information. Hence they often bring fresh perspectives. It makes sense to involve them in tasks that require visual skills.

That is the reason why we focus on Front End assignments.

IT Education for Sign Language Speakers

Our vision is to make an IT career path accessible to as many sign language speakers as possible. Therefore, tech education is at the core of our strategy.

In order to achieve this goal, we have teamed up with two organisations. Óbuda University and Eötvös Technical High School support our cause. Our wonderful volunteers Cserfalvi Annamária and Koncz Hedvig teach students to code in sign language.